One Per Person (2016)

Directors: Nasheet Zaman and "Jac" Piette 
Company:  Traceback Studios (Culver City, CA)
Software: Maya, Mari, Mentay Ray, Nuke

Responsibilities for this project included:

  • Modeling of main characters.
  • Look Development and texture painting for characters and props.

This is an award-winning project that I had volunteered to work on for 4 years (2010-2014), taking on the roles of Look Development Supervisor and Modeler. The short film was directed by Nasheet Zaman and “Jac” Piette, whom I’d both met during the production of “Tangled” at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The project involved close to 70 people throughout the production, with most artists working remotely, which entailed a lot of dedication, communcation, and commitment by the whole crew.

The turntables below feature work from the following talented team members:

Texturing/Look Develoment: Dave Howe, John Wallace, Miguel Santiago Jr., Conrad Egan, Linlin Si, Ryan Prestridge

Concept Art: Gregory Culp